Picture Gallery

Here are some pictures taken of various people and some of the fish they caught:

Kazuhiro Takahashi, from Hokaido, Japan, caught this nice size peacock bass on a 4# test ultra-light spinning rod.

Abe & Tamiko Takamitsu from Kobe, Japan with a nice 5 pound peacock bass.

Abe with a 4 pound Hawaii peacock bass. Spawning season is on.

Head shot of a 3 1/2 pound peacock bass. Chris and his Japanese lure.

Justin's first Tuke. Justin Ching & Chris Wright with the first fish of the day. Nice picture Dad.

Ken Moser tried bonefish and peacock bass fishing while on vacation in Hawaii. Ken, send us a bonefish picture.

Nice Oio, Ken! Good vacation, saltwater bonefish and freshwater peacock bass... all on a fly.

Clays first carp on a fly... 5 1/2 pounds.

When rain and muddy water at Lake Wilson made peacock bass fishing very tough, Clay & I headed to Waikiki for some barracuda action. There is nothing like a surfice strike!.

Randal Sakai with his largest peacock bass to date... 7 pounds.

Donald Anderson with his first Tuke.

Eric Edling with a very nice Red Devil.... not like those big Muskie from MN, but still fun to catch.

Hideo Yoneyama, fish were hard to spot in the murkey water.

Jerry Huerta visiting from Texas.

Robert Thompson with a nice one.