While on an an Alaska Cruise, my wife and I visited Ketchikan... where I was able to go on a 3 hour fly fishing adventure...

Hooked into a 6 pound Pink Salmon... and only 15 minutes from our cruise ship.

Pinks, fresh from the sea. This is Seth, from The Hookup fly shop.

I vowed to return some day when I could stay and fish for much longer.

July-August, 2006

Our adventure begins in Ketchikan, "Salmon Capitol of the World".

We came for the fish and the sign says it all.

The Anchor Inn. Our B&B home for the week. Only 4 miles south of town.

This is the view looking out our front window to the left.

These planes are waiting for tourists off the cruise ships.

Family Air will fly us out to a remote lake for cutthroat trout fishing. It's raining, but the tour planes are already flying out to see Misty Fiords National Park. Flying out in the rain with a ceiling of 600 feet... how tall are those cruise ships?

Time to rig the rods and head up the river.

Fish live in the most beautiful places. Our guide, Dan, helps Chris with his casting.

Hook up.

Chris poses with his first Alaskan cutthroat trout.

Dan shows us his selection of trout flys. The fish seemed to like them all... especially the Madume-X

Lynn made 7 straight casts with a dry fly and caught 7 trout.

Chris, Dan, and Lynn standing in a trout-filled South East Alaska river.

Lynn fishing... Dan coaching. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Is this a beautiful little cutthroat or what?

Back down the river to the lake... here comes our ride home.

An Alaska fishing boat heads back to port after a long day.

The famous "Creek Street" in down town Ketchican.

Chris and Lynn watching the salmon swim up Creek Street at high tide.

As the salmon swim up Creek Street they attract seals and hords of fisherman.

Seth points out a school of salmon going up the river.

Lynn hooked up to a fiesty pink salmon.

Our guide Seth and Lynn holding his first Alaska Pink Salmon

They let me put the camera down and catch one too. (Stan with a Pink Salmon)

I don't think this is what Chris was fishing for.

This is Salmon Falls Resort, where Chris and I visited when he was 9 years old. Lynn, bear, fish, and Chris.

Chris relaxes after a day of fishing and watches a cruise ship slip by.

Meat Fishing Day. Florence said if you don't bring back halibut, don't come back.
Rick Collins on his boat, the NOOYA.

It was a 2 hour run to the end of Prince of Wales island and the fishing grounds. Lynn with his first King.

Stan with a big black bass. The action was so fast it took Rick almost 2 hours to get all 3 downriggers set.

Chris holds his first Alaska King.

Chris with his first Alaska Halibut. What action. Two drops and 2 hookups. We got our limits in less than an hour.

Back at the harbor, Rick unloads our catch while Chris gets it all on video.

At the processing dock. Rick and Lynn with a good days catch - Silvers, Kings, Pinks, and Halibut.

We weren't the only ones who had a good day of fishing.

Our fish were cleaned, shrink wrapped, frozen, and packed in 50 pound boxes ready for the airline.

Chris and Lynn, both good cooks, couldn't decide on how to do the fish.
Each fixed his favorite recipe and made a contest out of it. Good Eats.

An excelent dinner with a fantastic view.

Most days we just drove to a different stream.

A short walk along a rainforest trail lead to some exciting fishing action.

Chris ties into another trout. Notice how shallow the stream is.

Next time I'm going to bring a dip net.

Another Alaska Rainbow Trout fooled by an "egg" fly.

The rainbow, cutthroat and dolly varden trout were feeding on the eggs of these spawning salmon.

Some times you "accidently" hook a salmon on your little trout rod.

Stan with a nice chum salmon.

Lynn enjoys the solitude of a South East Alaska trout stream.

Even the little trout feed on the millions of salmon eggs in the river. It's wild action.

O,K. Chris, we'll go for lunch now...

The cruise ships pull right up to the pier in down town Ketchican. Lynn & Chris play tourist.

The Hallibut Fish & Chips looks good... what are you haveing Chris?

That figures. LOL

Chris spots a whale.

Chris with an Alaskan Black Bear... take a picture.

Liquid Sunshine Gauge. The rain gauge shows how many feet of rain they get in SE Alaska. The little salmon on the top of the gauge shows how much.

If you fish Alaska, you need good quality rain gear. Seth is better equipted than we were.

Well, Hello Dolly. This dolly varden trout didn't seem to mind the rain.

There's a big salmon right over there...


Aren't trout beautiful? Dolly Varden Trout

Alaskan Rainbow Trout


Fresh Salmon Berries.

We did see some bears.

The bears were after the spawning salmon.

Hungry bear chasing a salmon.

Another hungry bear chasing.....

When you get tired of eating fresh fish...

Another one of the good things about visiting Alaska.

What a place... there are so many wonderful things to see and do. If you enjoy fishing, you have to experience Alaska to believe it.

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