"Top Hooker" TV Show, on the Animal Planet

According to the Animal Planet website: The 10-week show "is an in-your-face, full-throttle competition series that pits 10 expert fishermen against one another in a series of wild, never-before-seen fishing challenges,"

Top Hooker - first TV trailer

Top Hooker

Top Hooker - Chris Wright

Meet Chris Wright

In this challenge, you will race 5 miles down the beach to the rocks... catch a fish over 12 inches in length... then race back to the finish line. The last person to finish is eliminated, and goes home.

First person to put the 5 rods together and correctly rig them wins this challenge. That's Chris on the far right in the green shirt.

Getting ready for the Long Distance Casting challenge

A good fisherman is able to "feel" the slightest strike by a fish… Everyone put on your blindfold, and feel the strike.

Ready for another day of filming Top Hooker.

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