Mexico Bass Trip

In November 2008, we visited Lake Baccarac in Mexico for a week of largemouth bass fishing. From LA we flew into Hermosillo, then took the 2 hour drive up into the mountains to the lake.

Sign at the entrance to the lodge.

Sunrise over Lake Baccarac... the early bird catches the big bass. LOL After a huge breakfast we were on the water before the sun.

Mist rising off the lake is something we don't see in Hawaii.

Not a bad start. Stan with a 6 1/2 pound Mexico bass.

It wasn't long before Chris was into a his first Mexico bass. Don't worry, that 50# test Power-Pro won't break. LOL

Let's see... 7 1/2 pounds. Not a bad way to start the day.

Returning to camp for lunch. There is a full time guard to watch over the boats and all your fishing tackle.

Your driven up the hill to the lodge in an air conditioned SUV... and handed a cool beverage as you enter the lodge. Check out the dining room.

The service, as well as the food, is 5-Star.
Lynn, Chris, and Keith dig into the Pupus just before lunch is served.

This is the view from the dining area.
FREE Beer, Margaritas, Sodas, and Bottle Water. If your drink looks almost empty, one of the young ladies is already handing you a fresh one.

This is the view of the lake from the lodge.

Lynn, Keith, and their guide fishing one of the many brush covered points in the lake.

Moon rising over Lake Baccarac.

Chris is still looking for that "Ten Pound Bass".

Close, but just a little short. Chris with a 9 1/2 pound Mexican Largemouth Bass.

The ending to a perfect day.

One of the many paintings that decorated the rooms at the lodge.

The lodge does have a store that sells limited tackle and t-shirts. See all those pictures on the wall to the left? You have to catch a "Ten Pound Plus" bass to get your picture on the Wall of Fame.

Well over 350 boats lay thousands of yards of gill nets each evening. Talipia are a big commercial market in Mexico.

Before sunrise the commercial fishermen are taking in their gill nets. Largemouth bass are released.

Stan with a 7 1/2 bass. My largest of the trip. There just weren't any 3 to 5 pounders around this trip.

The Mexican Talipia were very aggressive and attacked any lure we used. They hit hard and put up a strong fight. Average fish was 2 to 3 pound size.

This little 3 foot Iguana was probably staying in this bush because he didn't want one of those big bass having him for lunch if he tried swimming back to shore.

Our guide, Polo, was quick with the net. He was also a great fisherman.

So close, but yet so far. Chris' largest fish of the trip... a 9 3/4 pounder...
You'll get that "Ten Pounder" on the next trip for sure.

Chris, Keith, Lynn, and Stan relax after dinner. It's been a fun week chasing after that "Ten Pound Bass" on beautiful Lake Baccarac.

Be careful driving at night in Mexico... you never know who you might run into (That guy on the right looks like someone I know....)

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