Live Bait

Peacock bass feed exclusively on smaller fish. So using live bait is a good choice. Our peacock bass average just over 2 pounds, with a 3 to 5 pounder not that uncommon. I've caught them up to 8 pounds.

Most people use spinning tackle or bait casting rods. Chris likes to use 4#, 6#, and 8# test line on the spinners, (30# test PowerPro on the casting rods)

The #10 AH hooks and a small BB size split shot are just the right size for the small 2 to 3 inch size live baits that I use. (too large a hook or heavy leader restricts the lively action of the bait fish)

This is our "Live Bait" rig.

A #10 AH hook tied directly to the line (4# or 6# Leader). A foot or so above the hook I use one BB size split shot. (some people prefer to "free line" their bait with no weight on the line)
If your using stronger line, you might want to use stronger hooks and larger bait. Trying to swing a 3 pound fish into the boat using 30# test line will bend or break a light #10 AH hook. Don't worry about using heavy line, Peacock bass are not leader shy... large bait, large fish.

What kind of live bait should I use?

The easy way is to buy "feeder fish" from the pet store.

Or you can catch your own live bait using a dipnet or minnow trap. Toss some bread into the water and when the little tilapia and mosquito fish come around, just scoop them with your little red dipnet... I use a minnow trap myself. (note the suggested way to position your trap in the water to catch more fish)

Mosquito fish, or Medaka are found in almost every stream on Oahu and make excellent bait.

Just about every fish in Lake Wilson will eat a live bait. We've caught peacock, largemouth, smallmouth, catfish, bluegill, oscar, red devils, paku, needlefish, and snakes head using live bait.

Soooooooo.......... "Come over to the Dark Side, Luke. Use the live bait."

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