This website... Hawaii Bass Fishing... is for the purpose of sharing information about Lake Wilson and Freshwater Fishing on the Island of Oahu.

There are no Freshwater Guide Services, or Boat Rentals available on Lake Wilson...

therefore the information presented and shared here is to help those who are interested in Peacock Bass and Largemouth Bass fishing and to help them in their quest for these amazing gamefish.

Fisherman of all ages and skill are invited to cruise up to Wahiawa, located in central Oahu, Hawaii, for the ONLY freshwater fishing offered on Oahu. In this region, you will find the 400-acre irrigation reservoir (Wahiawa Reservoir) commonly known as "Lake Wilson". Anglers will enjoy the relaxed lake atmosphere as they hunt and search for a variety of over seventeen different species of fish. Experience an adventure like none other in Hawaii!

Captain Chris Wright with a Hawaii Peacock Bass

See Capt. Chris Wright on the Animal Planets new reality TV fishing show, "Top Hooker".

Here is Capt. Chris with "The Bass Boat"

Charlie Moore, The MAD FISHERMAN, and Capt. Chris Wright while filming for Charlie's Emmy Award winning TV fishing show.

Capt. Chris hosted the "Beat Charlie Moore" TV fishing show when Charlie and their crew visited Hawaii.

Capt. Chris and Dougie spent the morning catching spawning peacock bass with Ben Wong and the Let's Go Fishing TV show.

Capt. Chris with a big GT caught on a fly rod at Christmas Island

Captain Chris Wright

Filming the ESPN-2 "Fish On" TV Show

Searching for Peacock Bass on beautiful Lake Wilson

Most of the time you see the fish, then make your cast. Peacock bass are fun and exciting to catch on a fly rod.

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